January 17, 2015

January 2015 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes
Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors
of the Maryland Horse Council (MHC)
Fri., Jan. 16, 2015
Timonium Fairgrounds
Timonium, MD

Directors and Officers Present and Absent

Officers & Executive Committee Members:
x Jane Seigler President
x Peter Radue Vice President
x Valerie Ormond Secretary
x Dale Clabaugh Treasurer
x Stephen Fulton Elected Member
x Crystal Kimball Elected Member
x Steuart Pittman, Jr. Elected Member
x Kathleen Tabor Elected Member
x Judy Smith Elected Member
x Royce Herman Advisory Member
x Amy Burk DAL - Individuals
x Rob Burk DAL - Individuals Absent
x James Casey DAL - Individuals Absent
x Christy Clagett DAL - Farms; Larking Hill Farm
x Jean Clagett DAL - Individuals
Kimberly Clark DAL - Charity/Found.; Thoroughbred Placement & Resources, Inc. Absent
x Karen Fulton DAL - Farms; Full Moon Farm
x Royce Herman DAL - Individuals
x Crystal Kimball DAL - Businesses; The Equiery
Carolyn Krome DAL - Farms; Persimmon Tree Farm Absent
Ron MacNab DAL - Individuals Absent
Carolyn MacIntosh DAL - Farms; Loch Moy Farm Absent
x Steuart Pittman, Jr. DAL - Farms; Dodon Farm
x Peter Radue, DVM DAL - Businesses; Damascus Equine Associates
x Beverly Raymond DAL - Individuals
x Kathleen Tabor DAL - Individuals
x Keith Wills DAL - Businesses; Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit
MHC Association Members: Representative In Attendance:
Beverly Pieper Beverly's Hill Absent
x Darlene Welsh Carroll County Equestrian Council
Jan Korotki Carrollton Hounds Absent
x Jacquelyn Cowan Chesapeake Plantation Walking Horse Club
x Sharon Roberts Cloverleaf Standarbred Owners Association Gina Maybee
x Erin Ochoa Days End Farm Horse Rescue
x Judy Smith Frederick County Equine Alliance
x Kristy Alvarez Freedom Hill Horse Rescue
Anne Butcher Goshen Hounds Absent
Leslie Bauer Howard County Farm Bureau, Inc. Absent
Gretchen Mobberley Howard County Horse Show Association Absent
x Crystal Kimball Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds
Nicky Ratliff Humane Society of Carroll County Absent
x Valerie Pringle Humane Society of the US
x Cindy Marson / Nancy Thomas League of Maryland Horsemen Kathy Dobson
x Christy Clagett Marlborough Hunt Club
Chris Anderson Maryland 4-H Program Absent
x Stephen Fulton Maryland Combined Training Association
Patty Sasscer Maryland Association for Wildlife Conservation Absent
x Karla Stoner Maryland Draft Horse & Mule Association
Hanum Wensil-Strow Maryland Equestrian Club Absent
Dorothy Troutman Maryland Equestrian Foundation/Rosaryville Conservancy Absent
Dean Geis Maryland Farriers Association Absent
x Cricket Goodall Maryland Horse Breeders Association
x Alan Lohman Maryland Horse Show Association Glena Wintanen
x Carrie Everly Maryland Jockey Club
x Crystal Kimball Maryland Steeplechase Association
x Peter Radue, DVM Maryland Association of Equine Practitioners
x Gina Maybee Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association
Eileen Simpson Maryland State Quarter Horse Association Absent
x Chris Bricker Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association
David Turner Mid-Atlantic Saddlebred Association Absent
x Susan Kary My Lady's Manor Driving Club
x Guillermo Warley New Market-Middletown Valley Hounds
x Louise Semancik Plantation Walking Horse Club of Maryland Jacquie Cowan
x Maria Schwartz TROT - Trail Riders of Today Priscilla Hoffman
x Royce Herman Tuckahoe Equestrian Center
Bridget Love Meehan Washington International Horse Show Absent
Leo Courtney, MD Wicomico Hunt Club Absent

Members Present:
Neil Agate Capitol Polo Club
Pam Chauvin Trevi Manor, LLC
Kitsi Christmas Christmas Insurance
Dale Clabaugh State Farm Insurance
Patricia Dane Stitch Factory
Win Hayward AXA Advisors
Crystal Kimball The Equiery
Margaret Rizzo McKelvey Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC
Troy Mishaw TJM Custom Builder
Peter Radue Damascus Equine Associates
Judy Smith Friday’s Horse Equine Giftware
Keith Wills Farm Credit

Charity and Foundation:
Dahn Ahesahmahk City Ranch, Inc.
Renee and Pat Dixon Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Prgram
Jim Mc Donald Grapham Equestrian Center
Caroline Robertson Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Inc.

Elizabeth Carey Second Wind Farm
Vicki Carson Flying Chesterfield Farm
Christy Clagett Larking Hill Farm
JoAnn Dawson Fairwinds Farm & Stables, Inc.
Renee and Pat Dixon Rolling Hills Ranch
Mark and Savannah English Patuxent Run Stables
Steve, Karen, and Grace Fulton Full Moon Farm
LuAnne Levens Periwinkle Farm
Anne Luke Holly Ridge Equestrian Center
Fernon and Howard Payne Reichs Ford Farm
Erin and Steuart Pittman Dodon Farm
Jane Seigler Dressage at Sundown
Judy Smith Good Friday Farm
Karla Stoner Bloomsbury Forge
David Taylor Sunset Hill at McCuan Farms, LLC
Theresa Willabus Resilient Farms

Individual: Neil Agate, Jan Berlage, Chris Bricker, Amy Burk, Rod Cameron, Jean Clagett, Eddie Franceschi, Royce Herman, Ellen James, Erica Lancaster, Cheryl London, Pegeen Morgan, E. Lee Moser, Jaime Navarro, Debra Nissen, Valerie Ormond, Ross Peddicord, Beverly Raymond, Jim Steele, Kathleen Tabor

Guests Present: Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Buddy Hance, Jim Steele, Judi Coyne, Martha Herman, Jamie Samples

Association Manager Present: Margaret Rizzo McKelvey

Roll Call and Minutes
At 7:01PM, President Seigler called the meeting to order. She welcomed Maryland’s Secretary of Agriculture, Buddy Hance.

Secretary Ormond conducted a roll call. President Seigler asked for a review of the minutes from the November Quarterly Board of Directors meeting. Secretary Ormond recorded the amendments. Ms. Kathleen Tabor moved to approve, Mr. Win Hayward seconded. Minutes of the last Quarterly meeting were approved.

Announce/Introduce New Members
Association Manager McKelvey welcomed the new members of the Horse Council and read the list of new members since the beginning of the membership year.

Financial Report
Treasurer Clabaugh discussed the financial report and explained how multi-year memberships, relatively new to the Horse Council, caused some differences in accounting results across fiscal years (membership years). Mr. Stephen Fulton made a motion to approve the financial report, and Mr. Royce Herman seconded. The financial report was accepted.

Horse Expo Booth Volunteers
Mr. Herman talked about the difficulty in getting people to staff the booth. He asked people to please help out and volunteer next year. He thanked Margaret for her help getting volunteers, and the Middletons for staffing the booth during the meeting.

Recognition of Maryland Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance
Mr. Steuart Pittman made remarks regarding Sec. Hance’s support of issues important to the equestrian community, including the horses as agriculture bill, nutrient management regulations, and support of farms. President Seigler and Mr. Pittman presented Secretary Hance a plaque in thanks for his service to the horse industry.

Jim Steele, Chairman, Maryland Horse Industry Board (MHIB), presented Secretary Hance with a gift and thanked him for his service.

Secretary Hance spoke to the importance of the equine industry regarding the number of acres and number of jobs, and he said it was an industry not to be ignored. He thanked Ross for bringing him to places of interest to see horses. Secretary Hance stated he found the talent in this state amazing, and he thanked MHC for the support.

Report on Maryland Farm Bureau (MFB) Meeting
Mr. Pittman reported it was good to be represented at the MFB meeting and to have a seat at the table. He said MFB has a good democratic process, and he looks forward to future interactions at the state farm bureau level.

New Website and Sponsorship Opportunities
Margaret discussed new website and login procedures and encouraged more participation in county forums. She discussed the new sponsorship program with differing levels of participation and referred attendees to the sponsorship packet included in the meeting materials.

Reports and Business from Committee Chairs and Affiliated Organizations:
Farm Stewardship – President Seigler reported for Ms. Jane Thery, Chair of the Farm Stewardship Committee. She said more farms continue to participate in the Maryland Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program (FSCAP) program. She reported that thanks to the MHIB grant, the manure study had begun, and the report will be going to MHIB soon. She said good work was ongoing about horse pastures being good for the environment and the bay, and partnerships with Chesapeake Bay Trust, which helps get the word out.

Legislative –
Mr. Pittman reported that legislative, weekly calls with Frank Boston have begun. Sunday hunting and deer population is still a concern, and MHC needs to work with farmers to find a way to come up with a solution, perhaps working with the Department of Agriculture.

President Seigler mentioned she heard Baltimore County is filing a Sunday hunting bill, and there is rumor of a state-wide Sunday hunting bill. She said MHC is always looking to have people to come to Annapolis and testify. If people can’t be there, please send an e-mail or phone call or hard copy letters. E-mail actually works best because legislators read them directly.

Mr. Pittman said new Maryland Department of the Environment regulations regarding construction of agricultural structures passed after a long battle, and has had a positive impact on farms (not as burdensome regarding permits, etc.)

Mr. Peddicord spoke of Grow Maryland, an organization that is supposed to be helping new agriculture, which includes equine. Secretary Hance is going to be very involved with this group once he leaves his current position this month.

President Seigler commented that even if regulations are improved, sometimes at the local level, the officials tasked with enforcement are unaware of the changes.

Ms. Valerie Pringle, Humane Society of the U.S., spoke about the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, saying the bill died on Dec. 31st, after two years of consideration in the US Congress. Advocates will re-start the fight. MHC was the first state horse council to pass a resolution, and others followed.

Business Network – Ms. Crystal Kimball said on Feb. 10, there would be a meeting at the MFB building – “Your Business, Your People,” to discuss more on workmen’s compensation, agricultural exemptions from the fair labor standards act, and how to find, manage and keep employees. She said later this year, the Business Network will host an innovator series – “Made in Maryland,” to discuss business innovations. The intent is that some of the good ideas surfaced would be showcased at an expo later in the year.

Committee to Support Racing – Ms. Christy Clagett thanked Frank Boston for his legislative support. She talked about her visit with Governor-elect Hogan, and his knowledge of the horse industry.

She reported Tom Chuckas is no longer with the Maryland Jockey Club, and Sal Sinatra is managing
day-to-day operations. The Stronach Group apparently has a new vision for racing, and the racing community will find out what it is in March. The Committee to Support Racing will do the Day at the Races event the first Sunday in June, with a behind the scenes tour, educational sessions, and fun.. The Racetracks will be building 150 stalls at Laurel by April, supposedly, and they still need to build 150 more before they can close Bowie, which they want to do for financial reasons.

Ms. Jean Claggett spoke highly of Sal Sinatra and said she thinks he will support the horsemen well.

An Evening in the Races will happen in the fall, most likely in Oct. at Rosecroft Raceway. Ms. Clagett also discussed trotters under saddle.

Trails and Greenways – Ms. Barbara Sollner-Webb spoke for Ron McNab. MHIB printed a first version of Maryland trails maps, and they are at Trail Riders of Today (TROT), MHIB, and MHC booths at the Expo for people to provide comments. The issue of trail use in public utility rights of way came up in connection with Exelon merger, and TROT is now asking support for people to write letters urging that the merger be conditioned on allowing trail use on right-of-ways. It appears that the Public Utility Commission May decide to allow it, whether the merger goes through or not, if enough support. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission has opened the new Tridelphia trail.

Mr. Eddie Franceschi, the WSSC Patuxent Watershed Unit Coordinator, spoke about the Patuxent Watershed and encouraged riders to get a permit so they can tell how many people are using the trails. He also said permits for use of the Watershed lands and reservoirs are required by regulation.

Coalition of State Horse Councils Representative – Ms. Vicki Carson stated MHC should be proud that other state horse councils come to MHC to see how things should be done, for example the feed fund.

President Seigler said the New Hampshire Horse Council contacted MHC to talk since MHC is viewed as the premier horse council. They were supposed to visit during Expo, but ended up not being able to make the trip.

Maryland Fund for Horses (MFFH) – Ms. Carson said MFFH has had good success with their webinars. They started in Preakness week and have continued hosting them quarterly. MFFH can do it with current sponsorship through the fall. All the ones done so far are on the website. Over the summer, MFFH had a brainstorming meeting with licensed rescues and did a survey about what they do. MFFH would like to have a meeting with business leaders to have a brainstorming meeting to find out how to better conduct the business operation of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming. MFFH will be rolling out the equine welfare financial aid program and will take applications in about 10 days. There is a FAQ sheet in Expo booth.

MHC Political Action Committee (PAC) – Reporting on the PAC, Mr. Win Hayward, Treasurer, said 2014 was the best year for the PAC due to the people in the room. He thanked all, particularly MHC Treasurer Clabaugh, who has been a repeat contributor. The PAC is a behind-the-scenes complement to MHC’s public lobbying activities, as assisted by Frank Boston. The PAC was able to help fill in behind the endorsement process by making contributions to some members to whom MHC did not give endorsements. There are two PAC BoD openings, Ms. Kimball’s and President Seigler’s terms are expiring. President Seigler encouraged members if they like to do this kind of work, please let her know. Mr. Hayward continued that the major role right now is to replenish funds, and to be able to keep feeding those who we have supported. He suggested coming up with a new strategy; in his opinion we should broaden the contribution base.

Mr. Pittman remarked that he thinks not enough people in the room have contributed. Treasurer Clabaugh encouraged members to invest in the political process. President Seigler said MHC’s reputation in the legislature grew enormously when it established a PAC. The legislature gets a list of PACs, and having one makes MHC a force to be reckoned with, along with MHC’s lobbyist.

MHIB – Mr. Peddicord said there were almost 200 more licensed stables today than two years ago, and one in every county. There is at least one stable or riding club for every town in Md. MHIB is working with the Farm-to-School program. He also said that Ms. Hope Birsch is trying to help MHIB to monetize some of the MHIB programs, for example, sales packages at Horse Discovery Centers. MHIB is planning a statewide scavenger hunt in April, with more details to follow and much activity on social media. Additionally, MHIB is working on a horse rewards card, so every time someone buys or spends money on horse-related items, he/she would get rewards.

Announcements by members and associations
-President Seigler said in the continuing trend of highlighting accomplishment of MHC members, she mentioned that leadership expert Kevin Kruse has named Secretary Ormond as one of the Top 101 Leadership Speakers.
- Ms. Judi Coyne spoke about the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation program which assists prison inmates with job skills by working with horses. She said the program is looking for jobs for inmates trained through program
-Ms. Susan Kary, My Lady’s Manor Driving Club, has a program to introduce people to driving, and would be holding several sessions.
- Ms. Cheryl London said the trails are in bad shape at Patapsco, in her opinion, in the worst shape in years. She asked if anyone has a good contact, let her know, and she will work on it. Her number is (410)804-0722. Regarding money for the PAC, she said that if there was someone who could reach out to the foxhunters, etc., why can’t MHC reach out to all horse organizations and make it so it is mandatory to contribute to the PAC?
-Ms. Joy Fernon said the late Ms. Lynn Schpak will be inducted into the Morgan Horse Hall of Fame.
-Ms. Jean Clagett offered her services as a sculptor for fundraisers, to help promote the work that organizations do.
-Mr. Herman said Tuckahoe Equestrian Center will hold a High School Rodeo Association event in May or June.
-Dr. Amy Burk, University of Maryland Equine Studies, asked members to please “Like” their Facebook Page (MD Equine Studies). On Mar. 25, they will be holding a toxic plants day, and veterinarians and a feed person would be talking about toxins.

At 8:36 PM President Seigler asked for a motion to adjourn. Mr. Stephen Fulton so moved, and Mr. Mark English seconded.

Respectfully submitted by:
Valerie Ormond

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