September 11, 2018

MHC's Strategic Plan Ratified by Board of Directors

MHC SP CoverFor over 30 years the Maryland Horse Council has been operating as a volunteer, grassroots membership organization working to unify, inform, and represent Maryland’s diverse horse community. Horses are a defining characteristic of Maryland, deeply woven into the state’s heritage and history. We have one common bond – the horse, and we are one common voice – The Maryland Horse Council. 

In January 2018, the MHC Executive Committee embarked on a process to evaluate the characteristics and values that define the MHC, identify where the MHC is currently situated within the larger equine/equestrian community, and decide where the organization should be tomorrow and in ten years. 

Committee members set the scope and timeline for the process, hired a facilitator, and put out a call for nominations from the Board of Directors to join the Strategic Planning Workgroup in March.

The six-month process incorporated an environmental scan, including the development, testing, data collection, and analysis of a community-based survey; a review of MHC’s mission, vision, and values; a ‘SWOT’ analysis; identification of the MHC’s priorities and the development of goals, strategies, tactics, and outcomes for each priority. Face-to face activities took place during four meetings with the Strategic Planning Workgroup over the course of two months. The Executive Committee reviewed and approved the final draft, and the plan was ratified by majority vote of the MHC Board of Directors on August 14, 2018.

The Strategic Plan is available to view and download here.

The next step is to complete the cooresponding Tactical Plan, which will outline the specific steps the MHC plans to take to achieve the goals set forth in the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.

The Executive Committee wishes to thank everyone who participated in this important process. 

Feedback or questions about the plan can be forwarded to Jennifer Purcell, Interim Executive Director, at

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