June 5, 2018

Why Join the METS Network?

This past month, the METS staff took to the road, traveling the state to meet with equine professionals and organizations to share information about the program. So far, the feedback has been very positive, and we’ve received great suggestions! 

METS is new; no state has taken on such an endeavor, and the suggestions, questions, and feedback received by Network Members will be used to improve the program so that we can best serve the horses of Maryland.  What should you know?

  • We keep horses in transition from becoming at risk
  • There are NO COSTS to become a METS Network member
  • METS will contact you with horses that meet your interests/criteria
  • There is NO OBLIGATION to ever take a horse

There are several benefits for Network Members, too.

Benefits to Network Members

  • Acquiring good horses for no or low cost
  • Option to sell after rehab or training
  • Free/reduced price ads in the Equiery
  • Positive stories and potential media coverage
  • Invitations to special events

Benefits of METS

  • Reduces risk for horses in transition
  • Gives owners a single place to go when they need help
  • Lightens the burden placed on rescues and law enforcement agencies
  • Educates and enlightens community about horses in transition

Still Not Sure?

Read why Steuart Pittman, owner of Dodon Farm Training Center, chose to be involved with METS since the beginning…

“Bringing people together to create METS has been the easiest and the most important contribution that I have made to the horse industry.

It was easy because the right people came together at the right time with the right idea. It was a natural extension of everything that each of us had done in our lives, and it was the logical next step for Maryland's horse industry, which has always been a step ahead of the rest of the country.

All of us who are part of this industry can be a part of METS, and we should, just as we should be a part of Maryland Horse Council. The rewards await you.”

Will You Join Us?

Just “click here” to reach us.  We’ll contact you and answer any questions you have.

If you prefer, call Brittney Carow, the METS Director, at 410-489-7475.