November 21, 2017

Howard County Considers New Hunting Rules

 Howard County once again considers new hunting rules, including Sunday hunting until 10:30 am.  

Delegate Robert Flanagan is introducing HoCo 16-18 which would allow hunting to be expanded to Sundays from 30 minutes before sunrise to 10:30 am, as well as changing the archery safety zone from 150 yds to 100 yards if part of a managed hunt.
Currently, Howard County does not allow Sunday hunting, and previous attempts to allow it and to reduce the archery safety zone have failed.
There will be a hearing on HoCo 16-18 on November 29th.  If you can’t attend the hearing, you can contact members of the Howard County Delegation to express your views starting on Monday the 27th.  The Delegation’s contact info is listed below.
Public Hearing: 

 Wednesday, November 29, 2017-   7:30 p.m
 Banneker Room, George Howard Building
 3430 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City, MD
Howard County residents may testify for up to 3 minutes, as long as they are signed up.
Signup will begin at 7pm in the Banneker Room and will close at 7:20pm.  Advance sign up is not available.  The delegation encourages you to bring written copies of your testimony (preferably 15 copies) to distribute. 
Delegation contact information:

District 9A
Trent Kittleman                      (410) 841-3556 
Warren Miller                          (410) 841-3882 
District 9B
Robert Flanagan                      (410) 841-3077 
District 12
Eric Ebersole                           (410) 841-3328 
Terri Hill                                 (410) 841-3378 
Clarence Lam                          (410) 841-3205 
District 13
Vanessa Atterbeary                 (410) 841-3471 
Shane Pendergrass                  (410) 841-3139 
Frank Turner                           (410) 841-3246 
State Senators:
District 9
Gail Bates                               (410) 841-3671 
District 12
Edward Kasemeyer                 (410) 841-3653 
District 13
Guy Guzzone                          (410) 841-3572