November 4, 2015

August 2015 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Horse Council (MHC)
Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015, Frederick Fairgrounds, Frederick, MD

Officers & Executive Committee Members: Present (X) and Absent
Jane Seigler President X
Neil Agate Vice President X
Valerie Ormond Secretary X
Dale Clabaugh Treasurer X
Chris Bricker Elected Member X
Royce Herman Elected Member X
Steuart Pittman Elected Member X
Judy Smith Elected Member X
Kathleen Tabor Elected Member Absent
Directors-at-Large (DAL):
Amy Burk DAL - Individuals X
Rob Burk DAL - Individuals X
James Casey DAL - Individuals X
Christy Clagett DAL – Farms; Larking Hill Farm X
Jean Clagett DAL – Individuals Absent
Kimberly Clark DAL - Charity/Found.; Thoroughbred Placement & Resources, Inc. X
Karen Fulton DAL – Farms; Full Moon Farm Absent
Royce Herman DAL – Individuals X
Crystal Kimball DAL – Businesses; The Equiery X
Carolyn Krome DAL – Farms; Persimmon Tree Farm X
Ron MacNab DAL – Individuals Absent
Carolyn Mackintosh DAL – Farms; Loch Moy Farm X
Steuart Pittman DAL – Farms; Dodon Farm X
Peter Radue, DVM DAL – Businesses; Damascus Equine Associates X
Beverly Raymond DAL – Individuals Absent
Kathleen Tabor DAL – Individuals Absent
Keith Wills DAL – Businesses; Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit
MHC Association Members: Representative In Attendance:
Sharon Roberts Cloverleaf Standardbred Owners Assn. Absent
Trish Gilbert Fair Hill International, Inc. Absent
Judy Smith Frederick County Equine Alliance X
Kristy Alvarez & Lori Harrington Freedom Hill Horse Rescue Absent
Renee & Pat Dixon Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding X
Anne Butcher Goshen Hounds Absent
Donna Wayson Hopewell Farm X
Leslie Bauer & Howie Feaga Howard County Farm Bureau, Inc. Absent
Gretchen Mobberley Howard County Horse Shows Assn. Absent
Crystal Kimball Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds X
Charles Brown Humane Society of Carroll County Absent
Christy Clagett Marlborough Hunt Club X
Chris Anderson Maryland 4-H Program Absent
Patty Sasscer Maryland Association for Wildlife Conservation (MAWC) X
Kathy Dell Maryland Draft Horse & Mule Assn. Absent
Hanum Wensil-Strow Maryland Equestrian Club Absent
Dorothy Troutman Maryland Equestrian Foundation/Rosaryville Conservancy Absent
Dean Geis Maryland Farriers Association
Cricket Goodall Maryland Horse Breeders Association Absent
Alan Lohman Maryland Horse Shows Association Absent
Carrie Everly Maryland Jockey Club Absent
Dan Myer Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association Absent
Crystal Kimball Maryland Steeplechase Association X
Peter Radue, DVM MD Assn. of Equine Practitioners X
Eileen Simpson MD State Quarter Horse Association Absent
David Turner Mid-Atlantic Saddlebred Association Absent
Susan Kary My Lady’s Manor Driving Club X
Art and Nancy Lisi Preserve Harness Racing at Rosecroft X
Charlotte Davis Rural Maryland Horse Council Absent
Valerie Pringle The Humane Society of the U.S. X
Royce Herman Tuckahoe Equestrian Center X
Bridget Love Meehan Washington International Horse Show Absent
Leo Courtney, M.D. Wicomico Hunt Club Absent

Members Present:
Neil Agate Capitol Polo Club
Dale Clabaugh State Farm Insurance
Michael Erskine, DVM Marion Dupont Equine Medical Center
Win Hayward AXA Advisors
Crystal Kimball The Equiery
Margaret Rizzo McKelvey Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC
Valerie Ormond Veteran Writing Services, LLC
Peter Radue, DVM Damascus Equine Associates
Judy Smith Friday’s Horse Equine Giftware
Keith Wills Farm Credit

Charity and Foundation:
Kimberly Clark Thoroughbred Placement & Resources, Inc.
Ahesahmahk Dahn City Ranch, Inc.
Renee and Pat Dixon Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Program
Tina Snyder Horsemen Helping Horses

Christy Clagett Larking Hill Farm.
Renee and Pat Dixon Rolling Hills Ranch
Carolyn Krome Persimmon Tree Farm
LuAnne Levens Periwinkle Farm
Carolyn Mackintosh Loch Moy Farm
Erin and Steuart Pittman Dodon Farm
Jane Seigler Dressage at Sundown
Judy Smith Good Friday Farm
Tina Snyder Safe Haven Farm

Individual: Neil Agate, Chris Bricker, Amy Burk, Rob Burk, Dr. James Casey, Dr. Michael Erskine, Dean Geis, Lori Geis, Beverly Grubbs, Royce Herman, Richard LaDez, Cynthia Longo, Ross Peddicord, Holden Rafey

Guests Present: David Brinkley, Didi Culp, Ben Grubbs, Brittany Hill, Martha Herman, Cheryl Lancaster, Art Lisi, Nancy Lisi, Nan Radue, Joy Rafey, Russell Simper, Al Tyler

Association Manager Present: Margaret Rizzo McKelvy

Roll Call and Minutes
At 7:00 PM, President Seigler called the meeting to order and welcomed the membership and guests, and special guests.

Secretary Ormond conducted a roll call. President Seigler asked for a review of the minutes from the August Quarterly Board of Directors meeting. made a motion to approve the minutes of the August MHC BOD Meeting, and seconded. Minutes were approved with one.

President Seigler discussed the new membership list.

Financial Report
Treasurer Clabaugh provided the financial report. made a motion to approve the Financial Report, and seconded. The Financial Report was approved.
Special Request for Volunteers
• Mr. Royce Herman asked members to attend County Commission meetings and keep an eye on county issues. He passed around a sheet for people to sign up for their counties and offered assistance to anyone wishing to become more active at the county level.
• Mr. Herman also asked people to start signing up for the World Horse Expo and passed around a sheet for that volunteer effort in January. He reported that the January 2015 World Horse Expo needed more volunteers than the number that signed up to help. The 2016 Expo is scheduled for Jan. 22, 23, and 24, and the MHC Board of Directors Quarterly meeting is scheduled for Friday evening, Jan. 22.

Update on Maryland Horse Park System Study

Vote on By-laws Amendment
Secretary Ormond briefed membership on the election process review and the proposal to allow the President to appoint members to the Executive Committee when vacancies occur outside the normal election cycle. She requested Directors submit their written votes which were provided as part of the meeting packet to voting members.

Update on MHC BBQ and 30th Anniversary
President Seigler talked about the events scheduled for the BBQ including rodeo, carriage rides, pony races, and music, and asked members to sign up to attend.

Reports and Business from Committee Chairs and Affiliated Organizations:

Farm Stewardship

Ms. Carolyn Krome reported that currently there are over 3000 acres of horse farms included in the Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment (FSCAP) program. The last Farm Stewardship meeting was at her home, Persimmon Tree Farm.

President Seigler said the Farm Stewardship Committee had a tour of Persimmon Tree Farm’s habitats, such as pollinators and wetlands, and they learned about federal and state cost-share funds for some of these activities. She suggested people go to their local soil conservation district, and those individuals can let them know of the available programs. Ms. Krome said there are monies are available, and that the soil conservation district can inform farmers how much land they need to be considered for certain programs.
President Seigler said soil conservation can provide recommendations, help write plans, and let people know the best place to build a barn, etc., all for no charge. She said Montgomery County is desperate to get more horse people involved, and horse farms should be taking advantage. She reminded the group that soil conservation people are not enforcement. MHC would like to continue to inform people about how horse farms benefit the environment.

Ms. Krome also said pasture land will also be included in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) effective Sep. 1st. Ms. Renee Dixon asked if soil conservation was the source for this information, and the answer was yes.

The October Farm Stewardship meeting will tour Waredaca Farm’s pastures as well as their new brewery.

Legislative Committee
President Seigler said the committee had a strategy meeting in late Jun. MHC is going to try and get a horse-themed license plate again, and it could be a tough fight since other groups have the plates and won’t want MHC to cut into their funding. She also said MHC was going to try and put some system in place for a mediation board that would handle seizure cases. The point is to try and divert issues to a hearing board that would include horse experts on the panel, who could resolve issues rather than relying on a lengthy and expensive court process. The Legislative Committee is looking at planning another legislative horse day in the session. President Seigler discussed the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act and asked people to check the blog on updates to both state and federal legislation.

President Seigler discussed the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act of 2015 and referred members to the full copy of the bill in their packages. In 2002, MHC took a position on horse slaughter, and with the SAFE Act voting coming up in the U.S. Congress, the Executive Committee decided to re-look at MHC’s position.

Mr. Steuart Pittman said his position started to change when it came down to people not knowing what end of life or end of useful life options are available, and/or what really happens at some of the auctions. He provided an example of how a horse got to the New Holland auction and how the situation got very bad. He also mentioned polling, saying a large majority of people opposed slaughter. He said no one really knows what the outcome will be if the horses cannot go to Canada and Mexico. But, he said, it should be an American problem, and Americans should not be shipping their horses out of country for disposition.

He read the results of the survey MHC circulated to all members on whether MHC should support the SAFE Act. President Seigler said she would like people to talk to their associations and come back with a written vote on their letterhead with their positions on the SAFE Act. She said there are responsible horse people who believe that without the slaughter pipeline, there are legitimate concerns of what could happen to the unwanted horse population.

A member said Alex Brown has an article and a video on slaughter on his website and recommended people review both.
Mr. Art Lisi said the other issue is that due to the health issues for people regarding horse medications, it could lead to horse owners and trainers to not being able to give horses certain medications they may need.

President Seigler said when the horses get to the border, supposedly drivers sign off that the horses didn’t take the forbidden medications.

Mr. Dahn said he thinks supporting the SAFE Act is in MHC’s best interests, so as a community we are not dumping our problems on other countries.

Mr. Pittman said the U.S. slaughter facilities have just about given up on re-opening due to politics.

Dr. James Casey said this is a very tough issue. Medications necessary for horses are not fit for human consumption.

Mr. Pittman said the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has a list on its website of places to dispose of horses, and President Seigler mentioned a place out West where people can drop off horses, which are then evaluated, re-homed if possible, or humanely euthanized if necessary. A discussion was held on the differences between euthanasia and slaughter.

Ms. Tina Snyder of Safe Haven Farm said she goes to New Holland a lot, and she showed attendees pictures of four of the horses she had rescued. She said people should have a place where they can drop off horses and create a system to be able to euthanize those that need to be euthanized.

Mr. Dahn mentioned he was trying to find a home for a blind horse, highlighting that it is not easy to find homes for all horses.
President Seigler explained how members can vote on the SAFE Act. She requested Directors have their votes by the November meeting. Ms. Crystal Kimball explained how members vote via their Directors-at-Large (DALs), and DALs should be sending information out to their membership.

Ms. Susan Kary asked if the information could be put together in a briefing. President Seigler said MHC would put the information on the website and e-mail the information out to Directors. She said the Maryland Fund for Horses (MFFH) was working on solving the larger issue, too.

MHC Business Network
Ms. Kimball reported the last of the inventor series will be October 20th. About 20 people came to the last with interesting ideas, and MHC got four new members from the meeting. Hopefully in January, MHC will have a booth at the Pennsylvania trade show to test out new ideas.

Committee to Support Racing
Ms. Christy Clagett said the upcoming Saturday is Maryland Pride Day for both Maryland bred and Maryland sired horses, which is a big step since MD Million is only for Maryland sired. Laurel is trying to get more people to the track when people can go, for example Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. They are doing a lot to bring in crowds such as family fun events on Sundays. She talked about the new stalls and said the horses like the new coverall structures.

Harness racing begins at Rosecroft Sep. 19th.

Trails and Greenways Committee
Association Manager McKelvey reported that Mr. Ron McNab said there was nothing to report.

American Horse Council (AHC)/Coalition of State Horse Councils
Mr. Peddicord discussed the AHC meeting in June.

Maryland Fund For Horses (MFFH)
Dr. Pete Radue said MFFH would be working on a program to geld 20 stallions. Funds are also accessible for people who need assistance, including funding for euthanasia. He said there is a library of webinars available on the MFFH website, and Dr. Burk would be the next to provide one.

MHC Political Action Committee (PAC)
Mr. Win Hayward explained the PAC has some new names for contributors and listed them. He asked people to donate to the MHC BBQ silent auction and said there would be a 50/50 raffle. The PAC ha $2400 right now, about halfway to it’s goal.

President Seigler said the PAC needs to raise money quickly and donate to candidates before the January session begins.

Mr. Peddicord reported a Swedish delegation is coming to Maryland with a group of various equine people including Olympians, trotters, and racers. Sweden is the number one equine country per capita in the world.

9:05 PM President Seigler asked for a motion to adjourn. so moved, and seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Ormond
Secretary, Maryland Horse Council


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