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July 13, 2015

Upcoming Webinars!

MHC Members,

There are a couple of upcoming webinars for anyone interested!

First is on July 23 at noon, the Ag Law Education Initiative will be hosting a webinar over a couple of rules related to the Food Safety Modernization Act. Rules to be hit on will be the produce rule and the preventative rule. Presenters will be Sarah Everhart and Ashley Newhall, both with the Ag Law Education Initiative. You can get more details and register at

The second webinar is on August 6th at noon and will cover a recent federal district court which found manure could be considered a solid waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and recent challenges involving the Clean Air Act and animal ag operations. Presenter will be Shannon Ferrell who is at Oklahoma State University and he will discuss the potential impact of that court decision and where we are now with the CAA challenge. This webinar is being sponsored also by this session (along with about a handful of other sponsors). You can get more details and sign up at

Please feel free to share this info with others, the webinars are free and will be recorded for those who cannot attend. Recorded webinars are available at

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