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February 15, 2017

Howard County Sunday bow hunting bill withdrawn

Howard County Del. Flanagan’s Sunday bow hunting bill, which initially sought to allow bow hunting all day on all Sundays in all deer seasons, but then was amended to cut the bill back from all Sundays on private land, as originally proposed, to just Sundays in December and Januaryas part of county conducted managed hunts (which are typically only on park land) was withdrawn at the County Delegation meeting this morning. The amendment had also added provisions (which had failed in separate bills in earlier Delegation meetings) to establish an archery safety zone as 150 yards in general (Monday through Saturday), and as 100yards when part of a managed hunt, Mondays through Saturdays generally, and Sundays in December and January.

Presumably this effort is dead for this session. Thank you to everyone who expressed their views to their Delegates!
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