February 20, 2016

Feb. 24th Webinar on Hiring Interns and Labor Law Ramifications

Via the UMD Ag Law Blog, on February 24th, The UMD Agricultural Law Education Initiative will host a webinar on a topic many Maryland farmers have questions about: hiring and using interns. Many farms across Maryland use interns or apprentices to lighten the overall farm workload and help young people gain practical farming experience and knowledge. Although interns can be a welcome addition to a farm’s workforce, farmers need to be aware of how to properly compensate interns and the legal consequences of adding them to the payroll. Farmers who hire and/or house interns may need to make changes in order to comply with Federal and State labor laws.  See more and register here. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/wednesday-webinars-registration-11452674257

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