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What is the MHC Business Network?

The Business Network is a membership benefit exclusively for those who join the Maryland Horse Council in one of three membership categories: farms/stables, businesses, or non-profit/charity.

Business Network members own or operate an equine-related business or farm. Members of the MHC Business Network include, for example, farm and stable owners or operators (training facilities, lesson stables, boarding barns, hay and grain farms, event venues), tack, feed and farm store owners or managers, owners of publishing and marketing companies, veterinary practices, construction businesses, neutraceutical and footing manufacturing companies, trailer and farm equipment sales and many other types of businesses. Additionally, the network includes a wide variety of equine professionals, for example, farriers, pony and carriage ride operators, insurance agents, real estate agents, accountants, attorneys, massage therapists and many more!

The Business Network meets 3 to 4 times a year for lunch and to explore mutual interests, discuss common problems, share solutions and useful resources, and to get to know each other – and, in the process, improve business skills and practices.

When there are legislative and regulatory issues that could affect the horse industry, the Business Network will be able to advise the Board of Directors of the Maryland Horse Council as to how they see pending legislation or regulation affecting the businesses within the Network.

Who can attend?

Any Farm, Business, or Charity member of the Maryland Horse Council may send up to two representatives to the Business Network meetings, as space permits.

Business Network contact info:

Jane Seigler

Crystal Kimball  

The Top 10 Things Owners Wish They Had Known
Before They Started Their Horse or Horse-Related Business  

10. "That most other barn owners are willing to support a new barn owner and give them advice."

9. "That I could buy in bulk."

8. "The reality of Labor Laws and how Ag Labor Laws are different."

7. “The necessity for good bookkeeping and for an accountant who understands the horse business.”

6. “The difference between an expense and a cost.”

5. "The importance of both a business plan and a marketing plan."

4. "The importance of forming a business or corporate entity."

3. "How much - and all the various types - of insurance needed to own any business, but particularly a horse business."

2. "That the people are more destructive to a farm than the horses."

...and the number one thing?

1. "That I no longer will have quality time with my horse!" (aka "The number of hours it would really take to run my business.")

Who knows what you will learn or who you will meet at the next Business Networking Lunch! Plug the date into your calendar and we'll see you there!

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