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Can you cut back a neighbor's tree? Here is the answer, courtesy of UMD's Ag Law blog.
  Legislative Report   The 2017 Legislative session has come to a close. In the course of the three month session, 1200 bills were introduced…
There are some powerful tax advantages to organiziing your farm business as an LLC. Click here for more info, courtesy of the UMD Ag Law…
Click here for comments by the American Horse Council on proposed IRS regulations affecting pari-mutuel wagering.
Courtesy of the American Horse Council, here is info on federal tax bills affecting the horse industry.
A bi-partisan attempt to resurrect proposed changes to the Horse Protection Act, which would prevent abusive soring practices in certain gaited horse breeds has once…
American Horse Council has issued a summary of the effect of new federal immigration orders and their impact on the horse industry. 
Legal value of liability waivers - click here for good discussion via the UMD Ag Law Blog of a recent Pennsylvania case, and how it…
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