Horse People of the Year

Each year we search for a Marylander who has had a long and outstanding career as a professional in the horse industry. We accept nominations from all professions, including but not limited to farriers, veterinarians, trainers, saddle makers, feed store owners, hay growers, and so on. By honoring a Marylander who has had a long and outstanding career in the equine industry, we hope to inspire young people to know that they can combine their passion for horses with their professional pursuits.

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Beverly RaymondCongratulations to Beverly Raymond of Upper Falls, Maryland!

Beverly was awarded this year's Van Ness Award by the American Horse Council!
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Prior Horseman/Horsewoman of the Year

2012 - Joe Kelly

2011 - Beverly Raymond

2010 - Bob Eldredge

2009 - Bob Shirley

2008 - Mark Harrison

2007 - Joseph Vanzego

2006 - Joe Aitcheson

2005 - Louise Hollyday

2004 - Henry Holloway

2003 - Billy Streaker

2002 - D. Michael Smithwick

2001 - Dr. Harold Holbrook

2000 - Alyne Carroll

1999 - Hal C.B. Clagett Jr.

1998 - Jack Vordemberge

1997 - Jim Steele
1996 - Richard Wilcke
1995 - Walter Hughes
1994 - Colonel Donald Thackeray

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